Another Famous Austrian


Stefan Trummer has joined the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Wolfgang Puck by leaving Austria and following his passion in America. His chosen destination, New York City, offered him the opportunity to use his talent to create celebrated cocktails with exceptional ingredients for an audience with distinguished palates. His talent was sought out to open and improve restaurants and bars such as Citarella, Bouley, Masa, Nicole Fahri’s 202 and Ultra Club. He has also worked with assorted liquor companies in designing recipes that utilize their new to the market alcohol products.

Stefan has also been featured in multiple magazines and newspapers for the inventive recipes not replicated anywhere else in New York. Journalists often come to Stefan for discovering new cocktail trends and beverage news.

Stefan and his brother Albert Trummer were one of the first “bar chefs” and opened a seasonal bar, Trummer Home, in Greenport, Long Island in 2003. Since then, Stefan has been providing beverage consulting, bar training and constructing original recipes in New York City as well as in Europe.

Stefan Trummer hit initial fame due to his unique concoction appropriately titled by Kurt Decker of the Conan O’Brien show as the Titanic™. This blend of elderflower, vodka and champagne sorbet (the iceberg) is finished off with a sinking grape (the Titanic) and has attracted customers from as far away as Australia to come steal a seat at Stefan’s enjoyable bar.